HFW Compass

Paving the Way toward Asset Growth and Long-Term Success

We have created a four-point course to help you (and us) get started.  Click on any of the following links for a self-paced tour through our individual investment advisory services and details on how we can help you.  Please contact us at 248-258-6866, or use our contact page for individual assistance with any part of this process.

1. Define Your Goal

Use this tool to clarify your personal short, mid and long-term goals.  This helps lay the groundwork for your HFW advisor to help assess the best way to achieve these goals.
Download (DOC)

2. Develop Your Plan

Use this tool to gather, organize and inventory your personal income and expenses in a format that will help you and your advisor analyze your present situation and effectively plot your course for the future in Step 3.
Download (DOC)

3. Plot Your Course

Using the information gathered in Steps 1 and 2, your HFW advisor will analyze and evaluate your personal situation and you offer specific, customzied recommendations.

4. Navigate Wisely

You now have a partner with whom to collaborate as your refine each step toward your goals.  Be involved as much or as little as you like.  Your HFW Compass advisor will frequently review your progress, assess the investment climate and alert you to the new opportunities and challenges that may arise.