Trust Departments

HFW’s expert investment advisors can help you prudently manage your trust assets in order to meet the trust’s goals, whether it be capital preservation, income or growth.

  • Enhance Level of Service – Community banks enhance the level of service given to trust customers; this improves account retention (trust customer loyalty) and promotes asset growth.
  • Grow Assets Under Management – Trust department personnel find that their time is freed-up to attract and develop new relationships.
  • Build Customer Loyalty – Trust department personnel gain time to focus on servicing customers.

Heber Fuger Wendin’s Role:

  • Serve as Investment Advisor to bank trust departments for trust accounts.
  • Execute all trades (excluding overnight cash investments)
  • Conduct account reviews, including risk/return, credit and compliance reviews
  • Offer client specific investment recommendations, within asset allocation and strategic guidelines
  • Assist in the selection of appropriate benchmarks and provide investment benchmark data
  • Evaluate trust account(s) performance data
  • Participate in trust committee meetings
  • Provide pertinent market material for Trust Committee and customer meetings

Community Bank’s Role:

  • Serve as Trust Administrator and Focus on New Business Development.
  • Provide account remittances and contributions, pay debts, claims, taxes and other expenses and sweep cash balances in all accounts daily
  • Alert HFW of anticipated changes in investable/cumulative cash positions in trust accounts
  • Keep HFW apprised of changes in trust agreements and other pertinent data regarding individual accounts
  • Provide up-to-date accounting for all accounts (current & historical)
  • Maintain asset pricing and furnish performance measurement data
  • Attend Trust Committee and individual customer meetings
  • Work on account and new business development