Heber Fuger Wendin (HFW)
Independent, fee-only financial advisor and investment counsel firm established in 1934

Community Banks

Optimize the Return of Your Community Bank’s Investment Portfolio – While Managing Risk and Staying Compliant

We believe investment advice is about having a plan that is customized to reflect your bank’s goals beyond just the investment portfolio.  Heber helps you make more well-informed investment decisions that assist you in feeling more confident, self-assured and empowered – and feeling good about your bank’s asset-liability management and financial risk management in general.

Heber Fuger Wendin provides community banks with prudent investment advice and guidance.  Our clients count on us not only for objective investment portfolio advice, but also for advice on managing their bank’s overall risk.  The result?  Long-term relationships built on integrity, confidentiality and trust, which is evidenced by numerous client relationships that have spanned many years and even decades.

Heber Fuger Wendin is a fee-only investment advisor and consulting firm registered with the SEC.  Heber Fuger Wendin is not a securities broker/dealer, nor are we affiliated with any broker-dealers.  Client fees are the sole source of income for us.

Why HFW?

Investment Portfolio Management Advice

  • Professional Staff with over 100 years Combined Experience in Financial Markets

  • Formal Investment Review and Analysis Conducted Annually or Twice a Year

  • A Recommended Investment Policy, Complying with all Regulatory and Accounting Guidelines

  • Financial, Market and Industry Information on a Timely Basis

  • Credit Analysis

  • Extensive Mortgage-Backed Security Analysis

  • Experienced Bidding on Local Municipal Bond Issue

Asset-Liability Management/Interest Rate Risk Management Consulting

  • Advise and ALM Meetings

  • Review and Guidance of ALM Policies & ALM Sensitivity Models

  • Advise on ALM Decisions, Including Bidding Public Deposits, Loan Terms, and FHLB Advances

Experienced Professionals

HFW’s highly educated and experienced professional staff has over 100 years cumulative experience in financial markets.  Heber’s expertise in investment portfolio and balance sheet management for community banks dates to 1934 and our professionals have the experience necessary to avoid costly mistakes and lost opportunities.  Our advisors, who consistently monitor the fixed income marketplace, have a fiduciary duty to act in you best interests.

Partners with the Management Team

We spend the time to understand each community bank and the unique needs of each client.  We are a client’s partner and an extension of their Management staff, working within mutually-agreed policies and goals to manage overall risk.  All decisions on policy, strategy and transactions remain under the client’s control.  The relationship is non-discretionary.

Working Within an Asset – Liability Management Framework

HFW provides guidance on portfolio composition within the asset – liability management framework of each client.  Liquidity, credit, and interest rate risk are addressed and balanced for effective and optimal performance.

Stability, Confidence and Reassurance to the Bank’s Board of Directors

Working with an investment advisory firm to community banks established in 1934 that manages billions of dollars for nearly 100 community banks can provide confidence and assurance to your bank’s Board.

Free Up Time for Management

Relying on HFW’s expertise and resources to advise on your bank’s investment portfolio allows bank executives to spend time where they should—on other important assignments and projects and eliminates time spent taking broker calls, scrutinizing offerings, and executing securities transactions.  Management enjoys more time to plan and make better informed decisions.

Cost-Effective Trade Execution

Our approved broker-dealers affords us the ability to find the appropriate security at an the best price and execution.  Our fiduciary status and significant presence in the fixed income market commands the attention of brokers and affords broad market access, resulting in best trade and price executions.  We take no commissions.

Unbiased Trade Execution

Without ties to any brokerage firm, HFW pursues the best securities prices wherever they may be.  Our recommendations to clients are based on the financial objectives of each client, not based on commissions.

Formal Investment Reviews

HFW conducts formal investment review and analysis sessions with clients and their boards that are presented quarterly, semi-annually, or annually.


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