Heber Fuger Wendin (HFW)
Independent, fee-only financial advisor and investment counsel firm established in 1934

Credit Unions

Credit Unions

Optimize the Return of Your Credit Union’s Investment Portfolio – While Managing Risk and Staying Compliant

We believe investment advice is about having a plan that is customized to reflect your CU’s goals beyond just the investment portfolio.  Heber helps you make more well-informed investment decisions that assist you in feeling more confident, self-assured and empowered – and feeling good about your CU’s asset-liability management and financial risk management in general.

Heber Fuger Wendin is committed to providing our credit union clients with the highest level of investment advisory services.  Our clients count on us for prudent financial advice and objective portfolio management, which is why we enjoy so many long-term relationships—all built on integrity, confidentiality and trust.

Heber Fuger Wendin is a fee-only investment advisory firm firm registered with the SEC.  We are not a securities broker/dealer; client fees are the sole source of income for us.

Investment Portfolio Management Advice

  • Professional Staff with over 100 years Combined Experience in Financial Markets

  • Large Market Presence

  • Extensive List of Approved Broker/Dealers

  • Best Securities Prices and Trade Executions

  • Formal Investment Review and Analysis Conducted Twice a Year or Annually

  • A Recommended Investment Policy, Complying with all Regulatory and Accounting Guidelines

  • Financial, Market and Industry Information on a Timely Basis

  • Credit Analysis

  • Extensive Mortgage-Backed Securities Analysis

Asset-Liability Management/Interest Rate Risk Management Consulting

  • Advise and ALM Meetings

  • Review and Guidance of ALM Policies & ALM Sensitivity Models

  • Advise on ALM Decisions, Including Bidding Public Deposits, Loan Terms, and FHLB Advances

  • Presenting our view on the economy from a national and local perspective

  • Interest rate forecasts

  • Funding strategies

  • Capital Planning


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