Heber Fuger Wendin (HFW)
Independent, fee-only financial advisor and investment counsel firm established in 1934

Wealth Management – Investment Counsel for Individuals

Wealth Management – Investment Counsel for Individuals

We believe investment and financial advice is about having a plan that is customized to reflect your life’s goals beyond just your finances. Heber helps you make more well-informed investment decisions that assist you in feeling relieved, confident, self-assured and empowered – and feel good about your wealth.

Wealth Management

We help you to reach your goals with tailored solutions that meet your needs.

  • Comprehensive investment counsel

  • Fee-only

  • Disciplined

  • Conservative

  • Focus on capital preservation

  • Navigate volatile markets

  • Committed, dedicated, reliable and objective

  • Financial planning

  • Independent

  • High net-worth

Heber’s value proposition: 

Trust, integrity and accountability.  Heber provides tailored investment portfolio solutions that meet each client’s unique needs.  We are a registered investment advisor with a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests – we put your interests first.  We are accountable to our clients – we say what we do and we do what we say.  We built Heber on integrity and trust, because doing what’s right for you is better for our business in the long run.  This is why we’re one the oldest, most well—established investment advisory firms in the United States. 

Charles Schwab Independent Advisor Learning Center

*Through an agreement with Charles Schwab & Company, Inc., HFW provides client account administration and additional services complementary to HFW’s own resources and capabilities.  This is accomplished by means of HFW’s access to the Schwab Institutional Alliance platform, a secure private network-connected system offering custody of wealth management client assets and an integrated analysis, trading and reporting platform.

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