Heber Fuger Wendin (HFW)
Independent, fee-only financial advisor and investment counsel firm established in 1934




We believe investment advice is about having a plan that is customized to reflect your institution’s goals beyond just the investment portfolio.  Heber helps you make more well-informed investment decisions that assist you in feeling more confident, self-assured and empowered – and feeling good about your asset-liability management and financial risk management in general.

A Proactive Approach to Investment Portfolio Management

Heber Fuger Wendin embraces a conservative investment style that focuses on overall risk management, including liquidity risk, interest rate risk, and asset-liability management.  By allowing us to advise you on your institution’s portfolio, you will have more time for what’s really important to your business — operations and strategy.

As an HFW client, you will be thoroughly informed every step of the way.  We share our market research and analysis with you and offer comprehensive interpretations of financial market trends based on this information in order to meet your individual investment goals.  We are extremely client-focused and ensure that we give each clients the attention they deserve.  HFW is very different from other firms in that we utilize a hybrid team approach that assigns a primary counselor to each client with one or more HFW team members also ready to assist at any time; this team appraoch also allows us to draw on each of our counselor’s strengths.

How We Work For You

Perform asset allocation and maturity structure to maximize total return commensurate with client risk tolerances and asset – liability constraints.

  • Function as a fixed income specialist – short to intermediate term, investment grade securities across all sectors, rated and non-rated municipal bonds

  • Embrace a low turnover management style; avoid market timing

  • Conduct extensive securities research with professional Bloomberg terminals

  • Analyze the tone of the market, utilizing fundamental macroeconomic analysis

  • Examine the shape of the yield curve and its historical changes

  • Breakdown current vs. historical yield spreads and assumptions on spread

  • Perform extensive credit analysis; both pre-purchase and on-going for securities already in the portfolio

  • Execute transactions on a best price and execution basis

  • Utilize and capitalize on a large pre-approved broker network


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Our Mission:
Being client-focused is at the core of what we do.  It is our mission to individually craft investment, performance and overall risk management strategies tailored to each client, while focusing on delivering maximum value.  Each client is unique and so too is each portfolio.  We pride ourselves on the reputation that we’ve worked hard to build over the last eight decades and strive to exceed client expectations for overall risk management, portfolio performance and customer service.